Amber Imrie Situnayake

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Amber Imrie Situnayake

Amber Imrie-Situnayake grew up in bug abundant Arkansas, where the constant sound of singing insects became a trigger for nostalgia. Imrie-Situnayake wanted to create an opportunity to engage with feared bug environments; welcoming visitors to explore a whimsical adaptation of the species’ home. Hum is an installation of 8 Hive/Cocoons made from fibrous material which incorporate LED lights, hand embroidered insects, and sound. They hang from a canopy of woven sticks beneath which visitors can explore around and inside the crafted soft structures


Amber Imrie was born and raised off-the-grid in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. Amber was largely homeschooled throughout her childhood and first attended public school consistently at the age of twelve. She attended school for three years before testing out of high school and moving out on her own at age sixteen.


Amber graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Studio Art with Honors and awarded ‘Excellence in Sculpture’. In 2018 she received her MFA from Stanford University and was awarded the Anita Squires Fowler Award in Photography. She founded Venison Magazine, an online contemporary art magazine, and Camp Venison, an art micro-residency in 2014 and 2015. Amber has been an artist-in-residence at Amsterdam’s NDSM Treehouse and Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado. She’s exhibited work Nationally and internationally, including Paseo interactive art festival in Taos, New Mexico and Napa Valley Museum in California.

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