Annex Window Series



On the heels of the successful collaboration with Windows on the Future, The Paseo Project is excited to partner with the Town of Taos in Bringing Art to the Streets.

March 15 – April 2021

107 Civic Plaza Drive

Reflects the interactions between broadcast and reception. The glass heads filled with honeycomb are collaborative pieces that I credit my bees with creating. The queen and the colony lived down below and used the glass heads to store extra honey. I’ve long wanted to see these glass heads in motion, and so the inspiration to place them on turntables is in homage to my love of music and DJ-ing. I am fascinated with the vibrations that music emanate- and like the broadcaster and the receiver, there is a choreography that ensues and that creates movement, lifts spirits, and reminds us that we are all interconnected. I hope this installation inspires the audience to reflect on connections and how the smallest of beasts- bees- create music, light, life and medicine for the world.

Melanie is a professional beekeeper by training, a philosopher by education, a scientist by exploration, and a poet at heart. She was born and raised in nuestra tierra encantada and is a registered tribal member of Tortugas Pueblo in southern New Mexico with mestiza and Caribbean lineage. 

November 2020 – January 2021

107 Civic Plaza Drive

“Disintegration” is a materialization of a stage of grief when familiar patterns must be let go, and the gut-wrenching feelings that can sometimes accompany that process. The sculpture is made from accessible and familiar material recycled in a new way, furthering the message of ingenuity in grief.

Price Valentine (b. 1993 Albuquerque) is a non-binary visual artist grounded in sculpture , video , and performance. They use material to examine relationship dynamic and death under the scope of queer existence. Valentine has been internationally awarded for experimental film work , as well as receiving scholastic awards for exceptional performance as a Fine Arts student . They currently reside in Taos, New Mexico weathering the storm of 2020 in a strong and beautiful place.

February – March 2021

107 Civic Plaza Drive

My circle ladies question the endless over sexualization of women.  They are naked, of no specific group, and made of circles but still empower women as the bodies seem to look more like our own than the typical fashion styled bodies continuously displayed. These women represent our urge to be free, to survive, to dance, and create our reality. This safe lit space reminds us that we can create a reality with beauty and without limits. Even in the coldest and darkest of times, we may not be able to change the reality around us but we can contribute beauty and question our shared spaces pushing boundaries and demanding respect and safety.

Sarah Parker is a multidisciplinary artist who just wants to make things. Imperfection defines her visual language. She focuses on block printing, community projects, radio, and animation to share her vision of the world.

September – October 2020

107 Civic Plaza Drive

This window is serving 100% top notch, unadulterated, disco ball madness. She is a deconstructed QUEEN showing her seems and standing proud. Made of Dacron, recycled textiles, PVC, and monofilament Work (2020) let’s it all hang out!

Jana Greiner is a practicing installation artist whose art relies heavily on form, concept and mate-rial. The variety of materials used include fiber, recycled materials, pvc, mud and clay. Jana identifies as a queer sculptor and interdisciplinary artist and has been working with needle and thread since they were a child. Drawn to the traditional idea of textiles being ‘women’s work,’ Ja-na uses this life-long skill to create art that challenges that perspective. When deconstructing the social constructs of the feminine persona, they often use irony, humor, and sensuality to chal-lenge the viewer’s notions on female stereotypes.

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