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Census data determines funding coming into our state and community from federal, state and private entities.

Fifty-five federal funding programs use Census data to determine state-level funding including: Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, Highway funding, Pell Grants, National School Lunch Program, TANF, Public Housing Assistance, Special Education Grants, and Head Start…

Accounting for $8.7 Billion coming into NM. Annually.

Taos County Counts!

The Paseo Project Census 2020 Virtual Poster Competition

Laurel Taylor
Winning Artist

While staying home, hunkering down, and making the best of the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Paseo Project partnered with Taos County Census to encourage everyone in the Taos community to make their Census count!

[CLOSED] Call to Artists & Creatives of all ages: create a #TaosCountyCounts Census 2020 poster and post it on Social Media! 

During a two-week social media campaign, The Paseo Project raffled off dozens of prizes to eligible contest participants. All prizes were purchased from local businesses, to continue supporting our community in this time of need.

On June 8th we held an online Facebook Live Q&A Webinar with Gillian Joyce of the Taos County Census Committee, you can see it on the Paseo Project’s Facebook page.

In 2010, only 62% of Taos County responded to the census, an undercount of just 1% costs Taos County an estimated $9.7 million in lost funding from the federal government over the coming decade. COVID-19 has created an additional challenge for collecting this data.

Winning Submissions

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Wil Burlin

Winning Submission


Laurel Taylor

Winning Submission


Sarah Parker

Winning Submission


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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Census.

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