Edie Tsong & Michael Lorenzo Lopez

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Edie Tsong & Michael Lorenzo Lopez

“Love Letter to the World”, a collaboration by Tsong and Lopez is a social project that offers the free service of typed love letters. From Lopez’s hand-built camper, local writers take shifts at two typewriters. Passers-by can consult with the writers on a love letter to be written to the person of their choice. The participants keep the original letter, while a carbon copy is relayed to messenger Tsong. From atop a 12’ ladder, Tsong declares these letters to the world via bullhorn. The carbon copy letters remain on display onsite. 


My practice as an artist-activist is an exploration of intimacy. How do “I” literally and metaphorically connect with “you”? How does this essential relationship connect me through time and physical space? How does this relationship change how we evolve as a collective? These interdisciplinary investigations through material, process, craft, language, and technology take the form of conceptual portraits, socially-engaged projects, writing, and radical bookmaking. They range in scale from small performances and objects to city-wide installation, cultural programming, and facilitated conversations. 

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