We Create in Collaboration

The PASEO accomplishes its goals through collaboration with other organizations and individuals. Here’s a thank you to all our past partners, visionaries, presented below in random order. Please support them. And thank our sponsors.

Taos Fall Arts Festival
This 44-year-old festival is The PASEO’s parent! It was through a $5000 seed grant that The PASEO began in 2014.

Taos Center for the Arts
TCA is the site of The PASEO’s visitor center for the 2016 festival.

This youth program, developed by Agnes Chavez, is a series of educational workshops that allow students to collaborate with PASEO artists exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their art-making process.

Studio Taos
Co-director Matt Thomas founded this design practice for interdisciplinary design, research, and community and educational programming in 2010.

Twirl, A Play and Discovery Space
The best place in Taos for kids!

The Harwood Museum of Art
The Taos museum offers their venue to PASEO programming.

Currents New Media Festival
We share programming and artists with this new media festival in Santa Fe that happens annually in June.

Cafe Scientifique
Meghan McFail and students from Cafe Scientifique will be Paseo Ambassadors at this years festival, assisting artists in explaining to the public the art, science and technology behind the work.

Teen Street Journalists
Megan Bowers Avina will be facilitating the Teen Street Journalists from the Taos Integrated School of the Arts. Students will be covering PASEO and posting live on Instagram throughout the event including workshops and preparation before PASEO hits the streets of Taos. Look for our hashtag #PASEOTAOS2016.

Youth Leadership Conference
“Art as a tool for social change” Paseo artist Lionel Cruet will lead a workshop at the Youth Leadership Conference at Taos High School. Keynote speaker, Xiuhtexcatl Martinez.

Creative Coding Club
Del Norte High School Teacher Amy Traylor and her diverse
group of creative coding students will be leading the Shine On! Maker station led by Leah Buechley and Patricia Michaels.

Creative Collaboration

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