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The Paseo Project works with community partners to provide educational programming year round

…exposing youth to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the classroom – enhanced through the creative processes of local and visiting PASEO artists. Traditionally built around the annual PASEO festival’s theme and STEMarts LAB, visiting PASEO artists would provide in-school demos for young people to advanced workshops for accomplished artists. 

We are excited to extend that programming with year-round educational programming through our Paseo Youth STEAM curriculum with online activities for classroom or at-home engagement. The Paseo Project’s education programs expose young members of our community to 21st century skills, contemporary art practices, and exciting new ways to engage with the world. Our Youth Program allows students to collaborate with festival artists exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their art making process. Students learn valuable STEAM skills through creative expression, social practice and collaboration. We believe that the challenge and potential of STEAM education is for all students to have access to the latest technologies and 21st century thinking, especially in rural areas with limited access. The PASEO is the perfect platform for local students and teachers to use these tools to play, explore and imagine a better world.

The PASEO Education & Engagement Program is supported in part by Nina’s Fund, John & Janet Mockovciak and many additional generous donors.

Current & Recent Programs

The Paseo Youth STEAM program works with community educators to provide online programming built around local and visiting artists. The at-home platform and virtual online events exposes young members of our community to 21st century skills, contemporary art practices, and exciting new ways to engage with the world.

STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program builds experiences – workshops, internships and interactions – with PASEO festival’s visiting artists. Artists go into every middle and high school in Taos County and we bring students to the festival for engaging STEAM experiences.

Twirl partners annually with The PASEO to provide a collaborative art installation and educational programs to engage some of our community’s youngest members and their families in the festival.  For PASEO 2019 students explored symbiotic networks in nature, connecting creatively and consciously as a community.

Students from local Taos highschools worked with Digital Artist Morgan Barnard to create site specific projection mapping installations located at different points throughout PASEO 2019. With this collaboration students creatively explored local acequias through documentary, motion graphics and projection mapping. Interviewing community members about the history and significance of the acequia system in the Taos area, students chose sites downtown to display stories as small projection mapping installations. 

In collaboration with PASEO 2019 artist, Ori Alon, DreamTree Youth participated in a 2-3 hour workshop focused on playful paperwork such as Joy Permits, OK Parent Awards, Forgiveness Licenses, and/or refurbished report cards. The workshop had is a dual focus in self-acceptance and playful critique of adults using humor. Each youth created at least one piece of playful documentation. They also participated in a Wheel of Empathy activity, which includes having empathy for youth and/or homeless people.

As an educational intervention and collaboration with The PASEO, Las Pistoleras Instituto Cultural de Arte featured PASEO 2019 performance artist Rica Maestas in a creative educational workshop that shed light and empowered the true history of La Llorona and La Malinche as an espejo (mirror) to one another. Las Pistoleras Instituto Cultural de Arte, 1219 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, El Prado, August 24, 2019, 3 PM.

Youth Day in the Space Cloud held on September 13, 2018 welcomes participating classrooms from all of Taos County schools, over 300 students, to a sneak preview of the magnificent award-winning pavilion designed by three young architects from Madrid Spain. Students will have a before-the-crowds look at PASEO installations.

STEMarts@PASEO Curriculum Tool takes teachers behind the scenes of The PASEO festival. The curriculum tool shares examples of PASEO artists’ work, highlighting the science and technology behind their art and is free to anyone to access and try out the STEAM activities.

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